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Review: Ibis Budget Amsterdam Airport – Cute but icky.

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I'm cheap a fan of low prices. If I can save a substantial amount of money and still get to travel,

Coping with the “Leaving-Soon Crazies”

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I love traveling, exploring new places, finding out new things. But right before I go, the last day or so, I

IAMAT. It’s free. You should join.

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What happens if you are far from home, really sick, and don't speak the language where you are? And nobody seems


Travel is for everyone. No exceptions.

I used to dream about travel. And then, I would berate myself for having a pipe dream because it was never going to happen. I was broke (very!), disabled (partially – sometimes it is almost not noticeable, other times it puts me on my back for weeks or months), had responsibilities (job! kids! partner! pets!) and no plan. One day I realized that this was my life, my ONLY life, and if I wanted to travel I was going to have to figure out how to make it happen and just go. And I did. And maybe you can too. Let’s explore the options together.

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Five days before I leave, and I’m getting sick. Of course.

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Aw man.  I"m trying not to freak out about this, but I leave for ten days in the Netherlands this coming

  • Luggage on cart, Marion Tran Van Huu

Extra fees and the business traveler: who pays?

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My recent purchase of baggage allowance for a no-frills budget flight has me wondering about business travel and who pays for

You win, Wow Air. I caved and purchased baggage.

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I fly from DC to the Netherlands next month via Wow Air.  Wow is a bargain no-frills airline where you can

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