IAMAT. It’s free. You should join.

What happens if you are far from home, really sick, and don’t speak the language where you are? And nobody seems to speak yours either, at least not the people who can help you? Not good. Could you figure it out, or just push through? Sure. But that sucks, and isn’t necessary.

I happened across IAMAT when googling ways to magically make myself un-sick in time to leave for the Netherlands. I’d pulled references and information from them before but hadn’t joined. Now, with my new-found illness obsession, I checked a little more closely.

The TL/DR version:
1. It is free to join. If you join you can immediately download a membership card.
2. You can then log in and search providers worldwide who speak English and work with IAMAT.
3. There are set fees for non-hospital visits if you are booking with your IAMAT card. For a regular daytime office visit, it runs $100USD. That isn’t that bad for getting right in to be seen, and it is a negotiated cost with IAMAT so unless you have to go to a hospital there shouldn’t be additional fees for the visit. (Medication may be extra.)

I get nothing for referring you – IAMAT is not a sponsor. This is a straight up recommendation because why not?! It is free to join, and I’ve already gotten the address of medical offices in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the relevant phone numbers, and the names (and in two cases, emails) of doctors who have the agreement with IAMAT. At least now I feel better that if this gets horrible halfway through my trip, I’m not wandering aimlessly and hoping for the best.

It’s free. It’s peace of mind. You probably won’t need it, but what if you do? You should join.

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