Why “Girl Just Go”?

Welcome to Girl Just Go! I started this blog after reading dozens of travel blogs out there written by beautiful, (seemingly) able-bodied/healthy, adventurous people who have figured out a way to travel full time or nearly so.

How cool, right?! I agree. But: how not me.

I didn’t see myself in any of those blogs. I took some good ideas just the same and enjoyed the read. But, where were the people like me? Where were the people with messy lives full of complication and clutter and bills and responsibilities, who manage to travel often and well anyhow?

I’m in my mid(ish) forties. I have a partial disability that can cause anything from mild annoyance to near immobility. I have some other health challenges and dietary restrictions that I work around, but that have to be managed and that definitely preclude living out of a backpack in the Yucatan for a year. I am not even close to debt free (see: grad school student loans) and spent most of my childhood and young adulthood living near or below the poverty line. I spent years as a single mom dealing with the joys and tangles of parenting solo. Now I have a great job as a professor that I don’t want to leave but couldn’t even if I did, a family I adore and need to take care of, and a high strung chihuahua rescue pup with a tricky stomach. (He’s lucky he’s so adorable.)

And through all of it, I have traveled whenever and however I could.

I love to travel. LUUUURRRVE it. World’s largest ball of twine two states away, you say? Let’s go! Obscure food festival in a little backwater town you can barely even find on Google? Road trip! I will find a way, broke or not, limping or not, solo or kids in tow. Sometimes it isn’t pretty and often it takes the kind of planning usually reserved for military ops, but I never regret having gone. I refuse to limit myself in anticipation because of circumstances. Nine times out of ten I find that I can do more than I thought and can make the seemingly impossible happen. I’m magic that way.

My goal is to encourage you to make your life bigger, richer, and more fulfilling through travel, even if you currently think that travel is a dream that other people get to have but that doesn’t belong to you. My core philosophy: Travel is for everyone.

I know your house is messy, or you have this thing you deal with, or the cat is old and allergic and needs his shots. It’ll be ok, we can figure it out. Let’s go places and have fun, yes?


PS – If you are thinking “Girl Just Go” is a bit…. mutton dressed as lamb for a woman in her mid-40s?  You may be right.  But “Middle-Aged Woman Just Go” doesn’t have the same ring, so Girl Just Go it is.

Life is messy. Travel anyhow.