Five days before I leave, and I’m getting sick. Of course.

Aw man.  I”m trying not to freak out about this, but I leave for ten days in the Netherlands this coming Wednesday (five days from now), and I’m showing all of the symptoms of a horrible cold starting up.  I am getting sick before a major trip overseas. Hear that high pitched thin whine if you turn off your tv or radio? That’s me. You can just barely hear me screaming in frustration and pique from wherever you are in the world if you listen closely. Dammit dammit dammit dammit!

I’ve been sick overseas before and it is no fun.  I got a flu so bad in Tampere, Finland, that I spent a lot of the trip in my hotel room praying for death (that was a work trip too, and not the most successful).  As miserable as it is just being sick away from home?  It is far worse wandering around trying to find medicine to take, when none of the labels are in English and you don’t speak the language.

At least this time English is the second language pretty much throughout the Netherlands, so if I’m really in extremis I can probably get help.  But – I don’t want to be sick at all!  Maybe I can fend it off somehow?

I think I get sick from overexcitement.  I used to get sick every year right before Christmas when I was little, I would get so worked up.  And there is research that suggests that the stress of last-minute prep and planning before a trip tends to get us sick, so it isn’t just me. (Not that it makes me feel much better.)

There are ways to help prevent common travel-related illnesses away from home, but that doesn’t help me if I’m already pestilent before I leave. I’ll pack an awesome, comprehensive medical kit to help with the various issues that may come up of course. But I have five whole glorious days before I leave to kick my immune system into acting like an efficient killing machine. I’m going to try anything and everything that doesn’t seem like it would be stressful (counterproductive, if stress is what caused the problem in the first place), overly expensive, or dangerous.

I’m going to start by throwing my diet out of the window and chugging Emergen-C like a fiend. I will also do some gentle exercise, drink lemon water, and watch that I get enough sleep, but I draw the line at kombucha tea. It smells like feet, and I just can’t get past that. (Sorry, kombucha lovers! But, ick!)

If I’m not on the mend by Monday I’m going to get an appointment with my GP and see if he will write an RX for antibiotics in case this becomes bronchitis while I’m gone.

Off to google “stopping a cold with the power of your mind,” “guided meditation for health,” and “I absolutely refuse to get sick dammit.” I’ll let you know how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “Five days before I leave, and I’m getting sick. Of course.”

  1. Dr. Oz once posted that vitamin A is good against respiratory viruses, and consistent with that, I find that if I eat a bunch of swiss chard or sweet potato as soon as I get cold symptoms, I tend to get better quickly or derail the virus altogether. I suspect your baseline rate of eating good fruits and vegetables is higher than mine, though.

    1. That sounds like a great plan – I love sweet potatoes actually! I have been doing Emergen-C and I think I’ve kicked whatever it was (but not to tempt fate, so am knocking on wood here just in case).

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