Tips from a Local: Winfield, Kansas

TFAL is a feature where local residents give tips on what to do, see, eat, and check out while you visit their town.  Today’s tipster is Michele Boucher.  Michele Boucher is an English professor at the local college and part-time plant nursery worker.  She is also affiliated with Prairie Outfitters and Excursions, so check them out next time you are in the area.

If someone was in town just for a day, and wanted three really fun or interesting things to do, what would you suggest to them?

Picnic in Island Park,  Gallery 1001,  Wheat State Winery

What are your favorite non-chain-restaurant places for cheap lunch on the go?

Biederman’s Bistro

Which touristy things are worth doing in your city/town? Which ones are all hype in your opinion and are safe to skip?

Worth the price of the ticket: Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival, Kayaking/nature excursions with Prairie Outfitters and Excursions

Any special suggestions for visitors about clothing or footwear to be worn in your area?

Hot and humid in the summer

How is your city/town in terms of accessibility and acceptance?  Would you personally characterize it as easily navigable for a single parent with young children in tow?  For the mobility impaired?  Would you say that it is accepting of racial diversity and of LGBT people?

This is small-town Kansas, but because of the Bluegrass Festival (which has a national audience) and a local college, we are pretty accepting of visitors. We have a large contingent of former state hospital patients that live in group homes around town, so the town is friendly to the mobility impaired. We lack a diverse population, and you’ll find some people who have never left the county, but in general, all types of people are welcome.

Where is the best place to buy reasonably priced non-tacky souvenirs?  To buy kitchy tacky souvenirs?

Cowley County Historical Museum

What is your favorite day trip from city? (Out and return same day.)

Going to Wichita, to Farmer’s Market and Old Town shopping or taking the bridge tour. Also, kayaking in the local rivers.

What are your three favorite places in your city?

Campus of Southwestern College, Island Park, New library

Any faux pas to note?  Tips on how not to irk or otherwise offend the locals?

Ha ha ha–we’re Kansans. We would never let on if we were irked.

Please feel free to add anything you wish that I may not have thought to ask about but that you want to share.

The only time I would name Winfield as a tourist destination is in September, for the Bluegrass Festival. But you’re always welcome!

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